Taawon 2017 Award Winners


Taawon 2017 Award Winners


Taawon Awards for Excellence and Innovation: USD 420,000


These Awards complement Taawon’s mission and reflect its identity and values. They encourage Palestinian institutions to excel and innovate in their work, in addition to empowering Palestinian individuals and enhancing their role and engagement in building the future of Palestine.



Taawon Jerusalem Award 2017: The Late Ragheb Kaloti Award, “For Jerusalem … We Work”

This award aims to encourage Palestinian NGOs located and operating in Jerusalem to improve community services provided to Palestinian residents of Jerusalem.

The winner of this award was the Early Childhood and Family Development Trust, Jerusalem, for its ‘Community-Based Kindergarten Program in Palestine - A Learning from Life Approach’.

Members of the 2017 Jury were: Dr. Abdullatif Husseini, Dr. Safa Abu Assab, Mr. Ghassan Abbas, Mrs. Dima Anabtawi, and Mrs. Rania Filfil.


Taawon Youth Award 2017: The Munir Kaloti Award for Palestinian Young Entrepreneurs, “For a Better Tomorrow … We Innovate”

The Youth Award is a generous contribution from Mr. Munir Kaloti towards supporting young innovators and entrepreneurs. A society can only thrive through its young people, and a country can only prosper at the hands of those who defend and protect it.

Five innovative entrepreneurs were the recipients of the award:

  1. Design and production of Bassam Game: Manar Omar El Helw, Mai Mohamed Ali, Lina Ahmed El Masry
  2. Yahia Newborn Photography: Yahia Barzaq
  3. Meat and Fish Smoking, Packaging and Storage Project: Murad Ayach
  4. Nitro Fertilizer: Hamza Ibrahim Shenawi
  5. Basata_up:  Aya Alaa Kishko.

Members of the 2017 Jury were: Mrs. Asmahan Ilian, Mr.  Shaker Safadi, Mr. Samir Skaik, Mr. Tariq Thabet, and Mr. Emad Kehail.


Taawon Education Award 2017: The Nabil Hani Qaddumi Award, “Exceptional Schools for a Better Future”

Named in honor of Dr. Nabil Hani Qaddumi in appreciation of his invaluable efforts and dedication to Palestine, this award contributes to encouraging innovation and self-development in schools.

The award was awarded equally to two schools:

1.    Arraba Basic Girl School, for its ‘Creative Hands’ Initiative. Arrabeh- West Bank

2.    Basma Special School for People with Disabilities, for its ‘Participate to Learn’ initiative. Gaza Strip

Members of the 2017 Jury were: Dr. Sahar Odeh, Dr. Nazmi Al-Masri, Dr. Riyam Kafri, Mr. Mohammad Salameh, and Mr. Jawdat Sisan.


Taawon Gaza Strip Award 2017: Falak and Abdel-Kareem Kamel Shawwa Award for Gaza Community Based Organizations

This award is dedicated to civil society organizations that improve community services in the Gaza Strip, which is in dire need of further efforts to enhance its steadfastness and empower its people to have a better life and future.

The winner of this award was the Nawa for Culture and Arts Association, Gaza, for their ‘Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Holy Shrine of El Khader as a Children’s Library’ project

Members of the 2017 Jury were Dr. Ammar Dwaik, Naim Kabaja, Mr. Mahmoud Hamada, Ms. Reem Ali, and Mr. Amjad Shawa.


Taawon Achievement Award 2017: The Late Naim Abdul Hadi Culture Award, “We Will Get There Someday”

This award is the outcome of a generous donation from Messrs. Samir and Omar Naim Abdul Hadi and is dedicated to the institutions that have excelled and contributed to the social, economic, and cultural development of the Palestinian people.

The winner of the 2017 award was the Beit Almusica Shafa Amer (1948 areas) for its ‘House of Music’ Initiative

Members of the 2017 Jury were: Mr. Khaled Elayyan, Mr. Adnan Tarabshi, Mr. Nabeel Anani, Mrs. Sally Abu Bakr, and Mr. Amer Shomali.


Taawon Distinguished Teacher Award 2017: “Teacher Innovation, Renaissance of the Homeland” 

This award comes as a generous donation from Messrs. Munir Kaloti and Hani Qaddumi’s Scholarship Foundation (HQSF). The award contributes to encouraging teachers to excellence in education and to honor outstanding initiatives in the adopting of new and effective methods and mechanisms in the teaching process.

The 2017 winners of this award were:

  1. Rabee Waleed Abu baker, Al Krama Boys School, Jenin
  2. Ablah Mustafa Abid ALDeen, Faisal Al Housani Basic School For Girls, Ramallah
  3. Afaf Deeb Alkafarna, Gaza Prep. Girls School “B”, Gaza
  4. Hany Ali El Sherif, Maen Bsiso School “A”, Gaza
  5. Abdulkareem Ibrahim AlKhateeb, Manara Elementary School, Nahr Al Bared Camp, Lebanon.

Members of the 2017 Jury were: Dr. Yahya Hijazi, Dr. Ihab Shukri, Mrs. Hanan Hroub, Dr. Munir Sarhan, and Mr. Baha El Shatali.


Taawon Health Services Distinction Award 2017: The late Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh Award, “Transforming Health Services in Palestine with a focus on Chronic Diseases”

This award comes as a generous donation from the family of the late Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh to support creativity and excellence in the health sector.

The winner of this award was the Thalassemia Patients Friends Society, Palestine, for the project ‘Healthy Lifestyle Model for Thalassemia Patients: A Program to Improve Patients’ Quality of Life.’

Members of the 2017 Jury were:  Dr.  Jihad Mashal, Mrs. Dina Nasser, Dr. Nahed Mikki, Mrs. Amal Watfa Karaki, and Dr. Akram Nassar.


Taawon Award for Innovative Technological Applications 2017: “Innovation: Growth and Independency”

This award is funded by a generous donation from the Cayan Foundation for Innovative Technological Applications for the best product/application that offers creative and effective solutions to problems that exist in the Palestinian society, market, and beyond. 

The following five innovative applications won the 2017 award:

  1. Araboost, Razan Group, Husam Kurd, Muna Subaih, Mohammaf Kurd- Gaza
  2. Iclipar, Hasan Radwan - Gaza
  3. Manshar, Mohammad Khatib, Riham Diabas - USA
  4. Cancer diagnosis with electromagnetic waves, Biomedical and Technology Research Group, dr Radwan Qarawi, Diala abu Halweh, Sarah Abu Teeneh, Ayman Faroun, Razan Salah Eddin - Jerusalem
  5. Alboot Al Arabi, Samer Nazzal, Ramallah

Members of the 2017 Jury were: Dr. Safa Naseer Eldeen, Mr. Tammer Qaddumi, Mr. Alaaeldin Al Ghoussein, Mr. Ayman Awartani, and Mr. Ashraf Al-Astal.