Taawon’s General Assembly is constituted of 194 members of renowned Palestinian and Arab figures known for their expertise and excellence. The GA meets annually and is responsible for shaping Taawon’s strategic directions and policies.

The GA elects 20 members as the Board of Trustees (BoT) every 3 years, which in its turn oversees Taawon's overall performance through its specialized committees.


Board of Trustees Positions

Chairperson: Dr. Nabil Hani Qaddumi

Vice-Chairperson- Head of Audit and Compliance Committee: Omar Al Masri

Vice-Chairperson: Samer Khoury

Treasurer: Abdul Aziz Al Mulla

Head of Governance, Membership and Nomination Committee: Jawdat Al Shawwa


General Assembly Positions

General Assembly Chairman: Saad Abdulhadi

General Assembly Rapporteur: Taghrid Nafeisi

Head of Endowment and Investment Committee: Abbas Zuaiter


Board of Directors WA-Lebanon Chairperson: Fouad Bawarshi.

Board of Trustees WA-UK Chairman: Martin Linton.