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Fundamental Strategic Orientations: 

  1. To work on improving arts, cultural industries, community initiatives and enhance their role in change processes and economic and social empowerment, while bridging the gap between the cultural sector and Palestinian society.
  2. To support initiatives that employ modern technology by employing social networks and dialogue platforms to build an interactive archive of cultural achievements.
  3. To establish an electronic space that includes beneficiaries of Taawon programs such as the visit program and the technical residency program in Paris to exchange experiences, participate in developing interventions and contribute to promoting Taawon from their places of residence (particularly Europe and the United States) which will contribute to expanding new opportunities for support.
  4. To support individual initiatives that use arts and cultural industries in raising awareness regarding  individual and collective Palestinian cultural identity as well as individual productive initiatives in the field of performing arts. Promoting these initiatives so that they have a clear economic impact.
  5. To improve the capacities of partner NGOs in terms of infrastructure and human resources and to enhance, expand and diversify strategic funding partnerships.




“The visual arts writing course taught me a new language for discussing all that is seen disassembling symbols, understanding their contexts, deciphering their historical and sensory meanings. The intellectual references of the course enriched the writing process and gave the course a dimension often missing from the Palestinian cultural scene, which often shies away from interpretations.”                         Maged Kiyyal, the Artistic Works Project, the 1948 Areas, Acre
Visual arts writing course
As a program officer for a grant-funded initiative deployed by Welfare Association, I have had the great pleasure of working with the Cultural Programs team at WA. The team continues to impress and inspire me with the progress they make despite working in some of the world’s most challenging environments. The team brings a true vision of what they want to accomplish, and the intelligence, creativity and commitment to put those plans into action. If you want to support sustainable community development in Palestine, Welfare Association is the organization to work with.
Zola Maddison, Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
"The creativity and passion of Ahmed for creating animations unraveled before my eyes during our training sessions. He began working from home and produced his own movie called “Abu El Arabi.”. “Abu El Arabi” embodies his feelings about the repetitive raids of the occupation forces against Al-Jalazoun refugee camp. Ahmed’s excellent production led to his recruitment  as a trainer at Al Qattan Foundation.” 
Mr. Nasser, Ta’bir Trained Educator, Jazloun School

Success Stories

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