Old City of Jerusalem Revitalization Program

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Old City of Jerusalem Revitalization Program

Basic Strategic Orientations: 

1. Work within specialized interventions in the fields of renovation, documentation, training and public awareness.

2. Restoration of historical buildings, stone/brick walls and water channels at sites registered on the World Heritage List and pay special attention to operating such structures, particularly  tourism development projects.

3. Geographical expansion and working with partners in the field of restoration and preservation of cultural heritage in both northern and southern parts of the West Bank in addition to working in villages and historical towns in Palestine.

4. Using modern technologies including digital media and interactive social media platforms to activate communication with partners.


“I was not able to live in the house because it lacked basic necessities. I was always staying with my family and only returned to pay the bills. Now, I have returned to my house that I was married in decades before, and it is more beautiful than before, thanks to Taawon.” Aisha A-Shweiki – Jerusalem  
Rehabilitating the Old City of Jerusalem
"I grew up here. This has been the Abu Qutaish family house for more than 160 years. The house’s condition deteriorated over the years and we had no way of baring its renovation costs. With your help three families now live in it. You saved the house, and more importantly, reunited me with my children and grandchildren under one roof.” 
The Head of the Abu Qutaish Family, Jerusalem

Success Stories

Al-Khalidiya Library, an ancient building that dates to the thirteenth century AD, is at the heart...Read more