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Youth Award : The Mounir Kaloti Awardو Award Value: $50,000, $10,000 per winner "For a better tomorrow, we Innovate"

“Empowered youth are the cornerstone of any thriving society; nations are built by their youth. Today, youth constitute half of Palestine’s population, half of its present moment, but more importantly, they represent the future in its entirety. This award aims at empowering Palestinian youth to achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations, and contribute to Palestine’s development on the process.”

Mr. Mounir Kaloti

The Youth Award was introduced in 2012 out of a firm belief in the integral role that young people play in driving Palestine’s sustainable development forward.

The Youth Award supports Palestinian social entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs that wish to achieve societal and economic impact simultaneously.

It is made possible by the generous contribution of Mr. Mounir Kaloti.


Mr. Mounir Kaloti was born in Jerusalem in 1943. After his graduation from St. George’s Secondary School, he enrolled at the American University of Beirut’s Faculty of Political and Economic Sciences and became an active member of the Palestine Students’ Union and the Arab Nationalist Movement.

In 1968, he was one of the first Palestinians to move to the United Arab Emirates where he started his life as an entrepreneur and engaged in various sectors including food products, real estate, jewelry and gold. Mr. Kaloti’s enterprise expanded into a global one with branches all across the world. Mr. Kaloti has been a member of the Welfare Association for over 20 years where he serves as a member of the Board of Trustees and is responsible for Jerusalem’s stream of work.




Ayman Musbah, AbdelRahman salem, Iyad Abu Samrah (AAI)

The Bethlehem E-guide is a mobile application offering users with a virtual guide of Bethlehem using the Augmented Reality technology. The application will crowd-source images, videos, and information about the city’s attractions, and virtually present them to users. 

Jamal Khalaf, Tareq Khanfah, Mahmoud Qasarwa, Yasmin Ateeq

Nabd is an affordable English and Arabic Braille printer that operates without a computer; the printer is wireless and can directly print documents transferred to it via a USB dock. 

Ahmed Abu Erra

“The Thermal Pillow” is a pillow with heat sensors that monitors children’s body temperature while sleeping. The monitors wirelessly notify another device that is carried by the parents should the child’s body temperature exceed 38 Co. 

Jerius Barhoum, Hanna Bishara, Rana Tannous

The “Returning to our Roots” group will rehabilitate an abandoned open space in the old city in Tarsheha, transforming it into The Cultural Gallery, where young artists and craftsmen can freely interact and display their work.

Yasser Mostafa

“Bidak Hada” is an online portal that connects free-lancers and those seeking their services. The portal allows free-lancers to post their portfolios and qualifications, and allows those seeking a particular service to filter and identify the appropriate service provider.