Animations and self-expression


Animations and self-expression

One of Ta’bir’s most exciting initiatives brings educators and students together to collaborate on creating animated films. As part of this initiative, we train teachers, who in turn pass on the skills to their students.  Teachers can interact and exchange their productions on a portal specifically created for this purpose.

Mr. Nasser is one of the teacher’s trained through the program. He went on to train 80 of his students. Mr. Nasser and his students then produced eight animated films; one of these took part in the “Palestinian Inspiration” contest and won first place. The team also participated in the “Belgian Project” contest and won one of its awards.

Ahmad is one student who excelled. In Mr. Nasser’s words: "Ahmad was an ordinary student but his creativity and passion were unveiled before my eyes during our training sessions. He actually created a full movie called “Abu El Arabi” on his own. “Abu El Arabi” embodies his feelings about the repetitive raids of the occupation forces against Al-Jalazoun camp. Ahmad excelled so much that he received a job offer to become a trainer at Al Qattan Foundation!”

This program was generously supported through the Jerusalem campaign.