"I grew up here. This has been the Abu Qutaish family house for more than 160 years. The house’s condition deteriorated over the years and we had no way of baring its renovation costs. With your help three families now live in it. You saved the house, and more importantly, reunited me with my children and grandchildren under one roof.”

The Head of the Abu Qutaish Family, Jerusalem

"The creativity and passion of Ahmed for creating animations unraveled before my eyes during our training sessions. He began working from home and produced his own movie called “Abu El Arabi.”. “Abu El Arabi” embodies his feelings about the repetitive raids of the occupation forces against Al-Jalazoun refugee camp. Ahmed’s excellent production led to his recruitment  as a trainer at Al Qattan Foundation.”

Mr. Nasser, Ta’bir Trained Educator, Jazloun School

“Being a woman with a disability in Gaza, and in the absence of any opportunity for self-fulfillment, desperation and despair were all I felt in the past. Later on I joined WA  culinary training program that is specifically tailored for people with hearing impairments. The program gave me new opportunities and I secutred a job at the Atfaluna restaurant,”

Rowayda, 24 years old, Gaza

“Don’t give a man a fish, teach him how to fish. I think it is very important that development organizations start implementing this philosophy because no one wants to be dependent on others. The Welfare Association has given me this opportunity and is the first to do so in Wadi Gaza.”


Abu Eissa, Wadi Gaza Comprehensive Development stakeholder, an initiative of Mujtamma

“I finally secured a residency permit  for my husband.  Ta’thir supported me in every step along the way. I would not have been able to live  with my husband in the same place had it not been for Ta’thir’s legal advice and support.”

Maram, Jerusalem

“Seeing the green house actually constructed has been a dream of mine for a very long time, and it has finally been realized… I never imagined the level of income I would generate from this project. I now earn 1,000 USD a month each season, adding up to 3,000 USD.”

Intissar, Gaza

“I could not see what was on the board or even read my books at school. My results were very poor which made me feel hopeless. But now and after the surgeries and the treatments, I can see. I am excited about school and have no doubt that my performance will improve.”


Tasneem, School Student, Gaza

“Mustaqbali’s different programs really helped me adapt to the university experience. I participated in multiple training courses that were very helpful. More importantly, I took Mustaqbali’s advice and joined the Community Initiatives Team at my university. The experience I gained from this was life-changing.”

Dina, University Student, Gaza

“After assisting me throughout my high school years, Mustaqbali is now helping me pursue my academic dreams. I look back and cannot be more proud of the progress I have made in the past year. I now speak English more confidently and have developed my computer skills; two things that make learning at an undergraduate level much easier. All training courses offered by Mustaqbali are extremely useful and I look forward to learning more from the program.”

Shatha, University Student, Gaza

“I gained a lot of knowledge on how to deal with children as well as meet their basic needs. After the training, I’ve also gained knowledge on how to deal with families. I completely disrupted the kindergarten’s routine and the children are now much happier; they can channel their creative energies through reading stories, music, and game-based learning techniques. Better understanding the children’s needs has made our relationship very special”

Ghada Azzam, Teacher, Ahbab Allah Kindergarten, Al Jadira, Jerusalem