Supporting the Livelihood of Small Gaza Farmers


Supporting the Livelihood of Small Gaza Farmers

Alaa Al Dahdouh is a Palestinian farmer who owns a small greenhouse in Gaza. General conditions in Gaza are affecting Alaa and his family directly since the selling prices of their products have dwindled due to the low purchasing power of customers. On the other hand, the Gaza closure has driven up the cost of agricultural inputs. The marketing of farmer products and cash collections from wholesalers are very difficult given the dire economic conditions.

Alaa supports an extended family consisting of 10 members including five boys and three girls, one of whom is studying at the university. One of his daughters has health problems and had underwent open-heart and requires good care, medications with significant cost, but Alaa takes good care of her. Alaa also takes care of his elderly mother. Alaa raised his brothers after his father passed away years ago. Alaa was a child then, and he took the responsibility of the whole family.

Taawon team, in coordination with the Agricultural Committees, nominated Alaa as a supplier for its family sponsorship project supported by Human Appeal. The project team visited Alaa and determined the agricultural products he can supply. Alaa had supplied his vegetables, in previous years, to similar projects and his products were excellent.

Through this project, a small quantity of Alaa’s agricultural crops are purchased at a reasonable price allowing him to maintain his livelihood and support his family. The project bought 0.7 tons of tomatoes from Alaa to be distributed as part of fresh food parcels to needy families. In his words:

“I have been selected to provide tomatoes for this project and this really helped me to market my tomatoes and give the families the production without the burden of going to the local market.

Thank you for your support.”