The Story of Bisan: “I can hear you!”


The Story of Bisan: “I can hear you!”

Bisan Salim, 10 years old, is a beautiful girl from Gaza. She had hearing problems in both ears. Her mother said, “It was a shock for us when we realized our daughter’s problem. We discovered that three years after Bisan’s birth. She couldn’t speak at all.”

She adds, “Our difficult economic situation prevented us from buying hearing aids for her causing a delay to her ability to speak. Bisan joined a special school but she was already two years behind other students of her age.”

Hearing problems affected Bisan’s psychology. She hardly heard classmates and teachers which was a problem in understanding lessons, causing poor school results, loneliness, and severe lack of confidence. 

Bisan’s life changed

Through Taawon’s Project “Addressing sight and hearing disabilities for children in kindergartens & schools in Gaza”, Bisan’s hearing and sight were checked and she was urgently provided with hearing aids. She got rid of her extreme hearing problem, she can now listen easily and interacts well with her educational and social environment.

“I can hear you clearly and I can listen to my friends, teacher and mother without asking them to repeat what they say. I was shy to keep asking them to repeat. I’m so happy now. Thank you!” 

The project, which was funded by Welfare Association UK in partnership with the Mercy Association for Children (MAC), aimed to improve the sight and hearing of young children in 50 educational entities (KGs and Schools) and to prevent them from suffering due to such disabilities.