Stories from the Field – Gaza Winterization Project


Stories from the Field – Gaza Winterization Project

The story of Fadi Al Dihleez

Al Dihleez family lives in Gaza, their home is in very poor condition as a result of the military bombardment in the summer of 2014. Their small home has cracked walls and ceilings, which they couldn’t afford to fix yet. The house is subject to continuous flooding every time it rains and flooding from the street  and the nearby sanitation station.  Mr. Dihleez takes care of his 70- year old mother in addition to his wife and children. He is unemployed and has been looking for a job for the past few years with no luck. He relies on assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs’ (MoSA. He receives occasional supplementary assistance from local NGOs. The family are surviving on less than US$100 per month that barely covers their key daily needs.


Fadi’s family was one of the recipients of the “Emergency Winterisation Support for Families in Gaza” project, which is funded by IDRF and Welfare Association. They received two blankets and chose three sets of winter clothes for their children at a pre-qualified store. Fadi said “I was unable to provide my kids with winter clothes. Your help came at the right time to prevent my children from getting sick with the flu and cold. The situation of my family continues to deteriorate, and your help really makes a difference. Thank you”. This Winterization project has benefited 179 families in Gaza up to date.

Story of Rawheya Abu Jazar

Mrs. Rawheya Abu Jazar, is a 53-year old mother, taking care of her seven children alone. Rawheya and her family live in a small home in very difficult conditions in Al Shoka, east of Rafah, in Gaza. She has nowhere else to go.

Rawheya has no source of income at all. She relies on assistance from relatives and neighbours. The two older children (a boy and a girl in secondary school) left school due to financial inability to cover the costs of uniform, books and transport. When interviewed, Rawheya said; “My children wore old and worn out clothes for the past few years. My younger children who go to school are ashamed of their situation.  This project has provided three of my children with new clothes.  From the day we received the clothes till now, my children wear the clothes all the time. They get up early at the morning to go to school. Thank you for bringing warmth and great happiness to my children”.

It should be noted Rawheya’s house was partially destroyed by a military assault in 2016. Her house was rehabilitated by a previous project of Welfare Association. Rewheya and her family are one of 179 families who are benefiting from the “Emergency Winterisation Support for Families in Gaza” project, where 537 sets of clothes were distributed (an average of three per family).