Olives for Palestine

Dear friends, partners, and Taawon’s supporters,

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continued, faithful, and generous support to our projects and campaigns, and we are looking forward to your participation in our new campaign “Olives for Palestine” which aims to cultivate thousands of olive trees in Palestine.

“What did these olive trees do to get uprooted? I raised them like my own children. Then, just like that, they were wiped out,” laments Rawhi Naasan, a farmer from al-Mugahyer village, northeast of Ramallah. Rawhi is not alone. Thousands of Palestinian farmers express the same grief, with their olive groves under the constant, looming threat of destruction.

Throughout past centuries, the olive tree has thus become a living symbol of Palestinians’ resistance, resilience and attachment to their land.

But today, our olive tree is in grave peril.

Millions of olive trees are being uprooted as Israeli settlements and the separation wall tear across stolen Palestinian land. Olive trees are being cut down and burned. Harvests are stolen. Water wells are destroyed, and agricultural land is bulldozed. These cruel policies aim to undermine Palestinian perseverance and survival on the land.

As our precious olive trees are being eradicated, we pledge to plant new ones. Yet, in order to protect the Palestinian olive tree, we need your help. 

Our campaign builds on one we launched in 2017 where we planted 40,000 olive trees.Today, along with PARC, our Olives for Palestine campaign aims to plant one million trees throughout the central and northern West Bank in areas most susceptible to Israeli assaults and also those with high unemployment rates to encourage young generation to go back to land.

To help reach our goal, we invite all our generous supporters in Palestine and the diaspora as well as friends of Palestine across the globe to donate to this important campaign.

In our first phase of Olives for Palestine will focus on:
-Planting 20,000 olive trees.
-Fencing 500 dunums of agricultural land.
-Constructing 100 wells for irrigation.

Donate Now! 

The Olives for Palestine campaign is counting on your generous support to secure the necessary funds and help Palestinian farmers secure their olive groves and harvests. Your donation will contribute towards planting olive trees, fencing an olive field, constructing a water well or establishing an olive grove.  


Select your contribution:
▪ I want to plant an olive tree for just 5 US dollars.
▪ I want to fence an olive field for just 1,500 US dollars.
▪ I want to construct a water well for just 7,000 US dollars.
▪ I want to donate and name an olive grove for just 10,000 US dollars.




Olives for Palestine

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