Mustaqbali children coloring life in Gaza


Mustaqbali children coloring life in Gaza

A group of children from Mustaqbali Program participated in painting and coloring walls at Gaza Seaport to enhance the area and recreate talents of the children.

 The activity, which was implemented by Tamer Institute for Community Education – one of Mustaqbali implementing partners, is part of the co-curricular activities funded by Wataniya Mobile and designed to improve the talents and interests of Mustaqbali children in various fields such as arts, creative writing, sports and IT.

 “This activity helps some of our distinguished children in expressing themselves and their talents and giving them such chance is reflected on their self-confidence. It also helps improve the general look of Gaza City especially port area which is a base for fishermen and a source of happiness for the population.”, said Maha Muhaisen, Mustaqbali Program Manager.

 Mustaqbali is an unprecedented program launched in 2009, reflecting the Abraaj Group and Welfare Association’s integrated approach to catering for the various needs of the most unprivileged; the orphaned children of Gaza. It empowers children, orphaned as a direct consequence of the War, so that they have the opportunity to live a normal and fulfilling life and to contribute to the long-term development of Gaza.