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Social Tourism Program

The Social Tourism Program is part of Taawon’s new strategy to create new job opportunities, under the framework of social investments. This will be achieved through investing in sustainable small/medium for-profit companies, or ideas to be developed into new companies, with a higher impact on the Palestinian economy

The program’s uniqueness lies in following a new method for development by investing through an investment fund, which is different than providing grants. Through this fund, Taawon will be investing in ideas or existing for-profit companies in tourism sector, where this method will focus more on providing empowerment, job opportunities and risk sharing with entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who apply for program with an existing for-profit company, will have their applications evaluated by the investment committee for equity investment. However, entrepreneurs who apply for program with an idea, will have their applications evaluated by investment committee for a business acceleration grant for 2 months in Palestine. The business acceleration service will include training to create business and financial plans, in addition to training on marketing and developing a service or product from an idea. After the acceleration period, the investment committee will again evaluate the applicants for an equity investment, where for-profit companies will be established for that purpose.


Application Criteria

An investment committee will evaluate and select applicants for the program. In order for applications to be considered, they need to meet the following criteria:

  • The idea or company must operate in the tourism sector, where it needs to further improve the sector’s capacity and effectiveness
  • Submissions need to have a positive social impact with a sustainable business model, and ability to generate new jobs
  • If applying as an idea and chosen for business acceleration, entrepreneurs must be present and available for the duration of acceleration (2 months)
  • Applications need to be investment-focused, where Taawon will invest and take equity in for-profit companies, but not provide grants


In addition, the investment committee with focus on the following:

  • How innovative/unique the idea/company is
  • Timing of opportunity in regards to the market
  • Regional potential for expansion
  • Founder’s relevant experience, skills and knowledge in market
  • Ability to generate revenue, and get additional funding


Taawon is currently accepting applications through the following online form:

Applications are being accepted and continuously evaluated


Mobile Sub Programs From the Same program

Social Tourism Program

Palestine is a rich country in its cultural, religious and ancestral history. This makes tourism a vital and important sector in Palestine, with potential to catapult its economy. Taawon recognizes the importance of this sector, and is currently implementing the Social Tourism Program to provide economic aid, create new job opportunities and create sustainable for-profit companies with a positive social impact.

Al-Bayyara Project

Childhood is a fundamental stage that defines the future transition of children into adulthood. As such, children should be provided with the needed care and education to enhance their mental, psychological and social development. Much of this knowledge development is gained through play.

Emergency and Humanitarian Assistance

Palestinians live in a state of emergency where well-being and survival are continuously at risk. In recent years, the access of humanitarian organizations has deteriorated as a result of the proliferation of checkpoints, closures, and increasingly restrictive procedures.

Community Services and Infrastructure

Sufficient community services and infrastructure: Mujtamma’
The aggression of the occupation often leaves entire communities destructed and without access to basic infrastructure. In parallel, and in light of the scarce resources available, many communities lack the open public spaces necessary for strengthening social ties and fostering the sense of community.

Human Rights and Advocacy: Ta’thir

Ta’thir raises citizens’ awareness around their rights and encourages civic engagement.

NGO Capacity Development: Asaas

Civil society organizations offer a platform for citizen engagement and protecting citizens’ basic rights. In the case of Palestine, civil society organizations also play an integral role in ensuring Palestinians’ access to basic services as well as supporting Palestine’s sustainable development journey.

Ensuring Food Security: Hasaad

While the agriculture sector has historically played a significant role in Palestine’s economy and culture, the occupation has put the sector at risk making it difficult and almost impossible to allow for agricultural growth. As a result, food security is a constant concern across Palestine, and especially in the Gaza Strip, where food insecurity levels reached as high as 57%.

Promoting health and wellbeing: Shams

The construction of the separation wall has had a tremendous impact on every aspect of daily life in Palestine. In addition to impeding trade and mobility, the wall complicates the delivery of the most basic of human rights, which is access to healthcare.


  “I can’t afford treatment in private hospitals so this service is my last resort. I come 3 days a week. Every treatment session lasts between 4 to 5 hours. Myself, and patients like me, face many problems. The unit provided a radical solution for Palestinian patients in Lebanon.”   Kidney dialysis center in al Hamshari hospital in Saida, Southern Lebanon offers free treatment to around 80 Palestinian patients. Mohammed Al Mahmoud, Kidney dialysis Patient- Lebanon
Treatment in private hospitals
“Don’t give a man a fish, teach him how to fish. I think it is very important that development organizations start implementing this philosophy because no one wants to be dependent on others. The Welfare Association has given me this opportunity and is the first to do so in Wadi Gaza.”  
Abu Eissa, Wadi Gaza Comprehensive Development stakeholder, an initiative of Mujtamma
“I finally secured a residency permit  for my husband.  Ta’thir supported me in every step along the way. I would not have been able to live  with my husband in the same place had it not been for Ta’thir’s legal advice and support.” 
Maram, Jerusalem
“Seeing the green house actually constructed has been a dream of mine for a very long time, and it has finally been realized… I never imagined the level of income I would generate from this project. I now earn 1,000 USD a month each season, adding up to 3,000 USD.” 
Intissar, Gaza

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