Re-uniting Families: Overcoming the obstacles of occupation


Re-uniting Families: Overcoming the obstacles of occupation

Fadi is a resident of Hebron. His wife, Maram, and their three-year-old son, are residents of Ras al-Amud, Jerusalem. The couple is not allowed to live together in the same city.

 To move to her husband’s city of residence, Maram and her son would risk losing their residency. Fadi on the other hand is not allowed entry into Maram’s city of residence.

Maram suffers from a rare disease that prevents her from obtaining a job to sustain herself and her son, who himself suffers from a rare eye disease. Fadi on the other hand, is unable to move Jerusalem, where he can lead a normal family life, and be there for his wife and son. Fadi’s request for family reunification was refused, simply because he still has not turned 25 years old.

Maram resorted to Ta’thir’s Social and Economic Rights Center to obtain legal assistance. The center conducted a comprehensive background check, which is how Maram’s tough socioeconomic situation was revealed. After a lengthy and tiring process of legal deliberation, the center finally enabled Fadi to obtain a residency permit.