Welfare Association Board of Trustees calls for intensified support to Jerusalem


Welfare Association Board of Trustees calls for intensified support to Jerusalem


On 21 November, 2009, Welfare Association (WA) Board of Trustees held its 57th session in London, UK, presided over by Board chairman Dr. Nabil Hani Qaddumi, to review major achievements made during the past year.

The situation of Jerusalem was a top issue on the agenda. Members expressed determination to proceed with efforts in support of Jerusalem and an agreement was reached on creating a special task force to fundraise in support of important projects in Jerusalem.

The Board chairman supported the creation of a task force for the Palestinian museum in order to develop a strategic review of results achieved so far and push the project forward.

Dr. Qaddumi expressed delight in accepting a new group into WA membership, which would allow the utilization of their efforts and potentials in serving Palestine.

The Board discussed a policy document on WA endowment investments and all members agreed to consider it a living and developing document that needs to be updated regularly as appropriate and in accordance with developments at the level of investment markets.

The meeting also discussed progress achieved by task forces on: strategy and governance, youth participation, institutional identity, and institutional performance, which have been formed by the Board in pursuit of the ten outputs identified by the Board chairman during its current cycle (2008-2011).

The expected total expenditure on WA programs and projects during the year is estimated at $27 million, while the total revenues are $24 million. There also have been donations of more than $1 million to the endowment campaign since the beginning of the year, bringing the total donations since the beginning of the campaign and to date to $22.6 million.

Concurrently with WA meetings, Welfare Association sister organization, WA-UK, held a charitable dinner on the 20th of November 2009, which was attended by a number of prominent Palestinian and international figures. The dinner aimed at fundraising for child projects in Palestine and Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

The event began with a brief welcoming note from David Freeman, chairman of the Board of Trustees of WA-UK. During the event, Rana Sadik, chairwoman of WA award committee and member of Board of Trustees, announced the winner of the 2009 award: The Palestinian Arab Women Union Society, which is one of Palestinian NGOs in Lebanon that receive WA support.

Dr. Nabil Hani Qaddumi delivered a speech stressing that WA members are keen to exert all possible efforts and funds in order to fulfil their obligations towards their people in Palestine. He explained that WA supports aims at developing the Palestinian human and institutional capacity in various fields, including education, community development, culture, and preservation of identify. He thanked the audience for their presence and support.

Mr. Omar Al-Qattan. Member of the Board of Trustees, launched a marathon to raise funds in support of nine child projects being implemented by WA in the education and health sectors. The total contributions made during the event in support of these projects were about £400,000.

The event also included a musical element in the form of a solo performance on oud by the Lebanese artist Rabi Abou Khalil and an entertainment performance presented by the renowned British writer and entertainer Alexei Sayle.

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