UAE-Palestine Polo Challenge Set To Deliver A Brighter 2010 For Less Privileged Communities


UAE-Palestine Polo Challenge Set To Deliver A Brighter 2010 For Less Privileged Communities


The Polo Palestine Cup match, which took place at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, was concluded in Dubai with the participation of international-standard polo players from the UAE, Europe, and around the Middle East region to showcase their equestrian prowess for the charitable initiative. Proceeds from the Palestine Cup will benefit the Welfare Association, which has earmarked funds for emergency medical supplies and programmes for disabled children in the West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon.

The event included a number of dynamic polo matches as well as a festive lunch and fashion showcase by O de Rose.

“The Palestine Cup offers both companies and individuals an opportunity to make a tangible resolution in the new year of 2010 – to support some of the neediest communities in Palestine by taking part in this charitable initiative,” said Mr. Rashid Al Habtoor, one of the Cup’s organizers.

Al Habtoor, an international advocate for the UAE’s polo community, added, “Our aim is to create an annual charitable polo event to attract much-needed support for medical, educational and rehabilitation efforts in Palestine that otherwise may be overlooked in the current economy. We know that just as different communities come together on the polo pitch, the Palestine Cup can unite a diverse audience to help an extremely worthy cause.”

Dr. Nabil Hani Qaddumi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Welfare Association and Mr. Riad Kamal, Vice-Chairman attended part of the activities together with a group of Welfare Association friends from Dubai.

Welfare Association earmarked the proceeds of this activity, which amounted to approximately US$ 300,000, to support the children sponsorship program. This program targets Palestinian children attending kindergartens in marginalized areas in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, 1948 areas, and Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. The sponsorship program aims to restore normal life for Palestinian children most in need through providing appropriate healthy environmental, and educational conditions that contribute to positive mental, physical, and social growth to ensure a better future.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 February 2010 )

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