Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Chairperson: Luay Khoury

Luay Khoury

Member since 2007



Karim Tahboub  

Vice Chair, Board of Directors

Randa  Salti Huneidi 

Secretary, Board of Directors

Abdulaziz Al Mulla 

Treasurer & Chair, Financial Committee

Bassam W. Kanaan

Chair, Audit and Compliance Committee

Zina Jardaneh

Chair, The Palestinian Museum Committee

Samir Jarrad

Chair, Revitalization and Culture Committee

Omar Abdulhadi 

Chair, Programs and Projects Committee & Community Development Committee

Khaled Kaloti  

Chair, Administration and Human Resources Committee

Khalil Hindi

Chair, Education Committee

Sa'd Abdul Hadi

Chair, Media Committee

Jawdat  Al Shawwa 

Chair, Youth Engagement Committee