Welfare Association / Taawon USA

Taawon (Welfare Association) is a leading independent Palestinian non-profit civil society organization, registered in Switzerland with offices in Geneva, London, Amman, Beirut, Jerusalem, and Gaza. It is headquartered in Ramallah with 113 staff. Since its founding in 1983, by a group of Palestinian business leaders and intellectual figures, the organization has been supporting the development of Palestinian people and communities in the West Bank including Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, the 1948 areas, as well as the refugee camps in Lebanon. Across the Arab region, the organization is better known by its Arabic name, Taawon, which means “working together, hand in hand”.

Taawon is dedicated to making a distinguished contribution to furthering the betterment of Palestinian livelihoods, preserving their heritage, culture, and identity, and building civil society. The organization achieves these goals by identifying the Palestinian people’s needs and priorities and establishing sound mechanisms for maximizing the benefits from the available funding resources. Taawon’s primary stakeholder groups represent more than six million Palestinians, who are served by Palestinian non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community institutions, and charitable organizations in its areas of operation.

Taawon demonstrates its commitment to Palestinian development by supporting its own operational costs, in addition to financing a number of projects through the revenues from its $62 million endowment fund. General Assembly Members, currently comprised of 203 members, contribute annual fees to Taawon’s sustainability, and support development programs. Taawon also leverages funds from Arab and international donor agencies, governments, foundations, and individual contributions for project funds. The General Assembly is entrusted with shaping Taawon’s strategic direction and policies. Forty-four of its members are elected every three years to serve as the Board of Trustees, which oversees the organization’s overall performance through an elected Board of Directors. Members contribute directly by serving on committees that expand outreach and enrich impact.

Our interventions are focused on the following priorities:

  • Empowering Palestinian individuals and communities to achieve their goals and aspirations, and to contribute to economic, social, and environmental change;
  • Empowering local institutions and assisting them in providing education, healthcare, environmental and social services;
  • Providing rapid and effective response to any emergency situation that may put the life, security, or health of Palestinians at risk.
  • Encouraging the preservation of Palestinian culture and identity.

For more information:

How you can support us, and the kinds of contributions you can make:

  • Online donation through our website
  • Leave a legacy: Please consider leaving a legacy that will help ensure a sustainable mission of our association. You’ll be leaving a lasting gift that will impact on the lives of many Palestinians. If you made your mind, please feel free to contact our resource development department at [email protected]
  • For U.S.A. tax-exempt donations you can send your contribution through the American Friends of the Welfare Association at the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS). KBFUS is a Belgium organization assists international non-profit organizations in their efforts to raise funds in the United States.