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Orphan Support Programs

Taawon supports orphans in Gaza through two major programs Mustaqbali and Wajd.


Mustaqbali is a holistic program that was designed and launched by Abraaj Group and the Welfare Association to support 1,804 children orphaned during the assault on Gaza in 2008/2009. The program is designed to last 22 years, which is the time required for every orphaned child to transition into economic independence and adulthood.

Mustaqbali addresses the three vital elements of wellbeing:

  • Education.
  • Physical and mental health.
  • Career development and economic empowerment.

Since its launch in 2009, Mustaqbali’s has enabled:

  • 591 children had enrolled at pre-school education. 
  • 1559 children had access to school education. 
  • Around 370 Youth had joined higher education studies. 
  • 115 orphans had graduated from the university. 
  • 110 orphans graduated with either an academic or vocational degree (40 of them are presently working). Furthermore, 18 mothers got job support (3 of them are still working). 
  • Around 90% of the 130 orphans who received vocational training, got apprenticeship opportunities through the program 
  • 82 startups were established (60% are operational) and have supported respective Mustaqbali families 
  • Around 150 children with different disabilities have been provided with required therapy, assistive devices. This number includes 10 orphans with mental and physical disabilities enrolling in special education so that they can integrate in the community. 
  • More than 1000 of the children who had suffered from different health problems received much needed health services such as checkups, treatment or underwent operations required to recover. 
  • Around 400 families (1500 orphans) had benefitted from psychosocial support. 


In 2015, Taawon launched Wajd; a 22 year long program modeled after Mustaqbali to support 2,139 orphans of the 2014 assault on Gaza. The program was launched in cooperation with Qatar Development Fund the main program donor, and platinum support from Bank of Palestine and Haj Hashem Al Shawa Charity Fund.



“I could not see what was on the board or even read my books at school. My results were very poor which made me feel hopeless. But now and after the surgeries and the treatments, I can see. I am excited about school and have no doubt that my performance will improve.” 
Tasneem, School Student, Gaza
“Mustaqbali’s different programs really helped me adapt to the university experience. I participated in multiple training courses that were very helpful. More importantly, I took Mustaqbali’s advice and joined the Community Initiatives Team at my university. The experience I gained from this was life-changing.”
Dina, University Student, Gaza
“After assisting me throughout my high school years, Mustaqbali is now helping me pursue my academic dreams. I look back and cannot be more proud of the progress I have made in the past year. I now speak English more confidently and have developed my computer skills; two things that make learning at an undergraduate level much easier. All training courses offered by Mustaqbali are extremely useful and I look forward to learning more from the program.”
Shatha, University Student, Gaza

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Mustaqbali Program News

PEFE organized training for Mustaqbali youth

Funded by the Abraaj Group in association with Taawon, Palestine Education for Employment (PEFE) organized a training on “Workplace Success” for youth from “Mustaqbali” in Gaza as part of a project that empowers orphaned youth and promotes their access to job opportunities.

The training targets 25 youth benefitting from vocational training project, and it is the first group in the project as there will be another group of youth who have academic degrees.

Focusing on the basic skills needed to enter the job market, the training tackles skills that will help graduates find job opportunities such as CV writing, basics of job interviews, communication with colleagues, professional ethics, self-confidence, and working within a team.

The project aims to develop youth’s potential and provide them with skills needed to increase their job-readiness, depend on themselves, and enhance their integration within the society so they can have a role in its development. After the training, PEFE will work on linking the graduates to companies and organizations to help them find jobs.

Mr. Saro Nakashian, PEFE Chief Executive Officer, praised the partnership with Taawon, noting that this is the first project to be implemented within this partnership in Gaza. Mr. Nakashian added that the social segment benefitting from the project is one of the most worthy and deserving of such support, and he stressed that PEFE works to serve Palestinian youth and help them take the first step in their careers.

“Mustaqbali” is a holistic 22-year program launched by the Abraaj Group in association with Taawon in 2009 immediately after the assault on Gaza to empower orphaned children with the skills and opportunities necessary to lead healthy, independent and productive lives.