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Orphan Support Program

Thousands of children were orphaned after the 2008/9 and 2014 assaults on the Gaza strip. Many households lost their primary breadwinner, endangering the well-being of thousands of families and crippling the Gaza Strip’s economy. In the light of this, we developed the Mustaqbali and Wajd programs to provide holistic support for the orphaned children and their families, and to reduce the inequalities (SDB 10) facing orphans in the Gaza Strip.


2016 Achievements

  •  Continued to support 3,943 orphans in both programs.
  •  Introduced new health components, and reached over 1,600 children in psychological interventions; improved the health and nutrition of 1,600 young orphans.
  •  Improved the education of 2,000 students in primary and secondary schools. Of those, 94.6% passed their yearly exams and 277 students went on to universities.
  •  Supported 98 orphans to enter the workforce, and 28 families to establish their own startups, as well as supporting various activities for motherhood empowerment.
  •  Supported 15 orphans in orphanages.

Taawon supports orphans in Gaza through two major programs Mustaqbali and Wajd.



The aggression 2008 \ 2009 on Gaza 1804 left behind many orphans, mostly children and youth. Because of this great tragedy, the Abraaj Group and Taawon organization have launched Mustaqbali program, which aims to provide a promising future for these orphans. Mustaqbali is the first of its kind, as it adopts a comprehensive endowment for the care of orphaned children by responding to the diverse needs of this marginalized group.

Mustaqbali program embraces an integrated approach based on strong standards and foundations. It is designed to respond directly to the needs of Palestinian families who have lost their basic breadwinner, forced to evacuate their homes and communities, and subjected to political repression and violence. The daily tragedy of these children is not limited to the fact that they live in one of the most densely populated regions of the world, but also suffer constantly.

Mustaqbali program follows the development of each child year after year. And continuously responds to the educational, psychological, social, health and professional needs from the kindergarten stage to the age of 22 years. The program is concerned with the care of these children and youths to maintain their dignity so that they become positive members of their families, communities and their country in general.


Mustaqbali addresses the three vital elements of well-being:

  • Education.
  • Physical and mental health.
  • Career development and economic empowerment.


Recent achievements:

  •  The achievements of the program of the last seven years.
  •  590 children enrolled in kindergartens.
  •  1560 children attended school education.
  •  About 370 students enrolled in universities.
  •  148 young men graduated from university.
  • 120 professionally trained academic graduates.
  • 138 professional graduates, academics and mothers have received on-the-job training opportunities.
  •  84 small projects were established and contributed to support the families of the orphans
  •  Provided physical and psychological rehabilitation and assistance services for 150 children orphaned by various disabilities, including 10 orphans with mental and physical disabilities who have been enrolled in special education programs to integrate them into their communities and develop their mental capabilities.
  •  More than 1,000 children with various problems received adequate health services such as medical examinations, medicines and treatments, and had surgical procedures for recovery.
  • More than 400 families with 1,500 orphans benefited from psychological support services.




Wajd program was in 2015 launched, modeled after Mustaqbali to support 2,139 orphans of the 2014 assault on Gaza. The program was launched in cooperation with Qatar Development Fund the main program donor, and platinum support from Bank of Palestine and Haj Hashem Al Shawa Charity Fund.

The program promotes orphans' access to an adequate standard of living through access to health and education, and to provide young people with the necessary skills to enter the labor market. Enable orphans to have a decent life inside the shelters, by providing them with comprehensive care and to continuously pursue their care within these centers.

The program also focuses on protecting children from exploitation and mistreatment and supporting orphans to obtain their full rights in accordance with all international and national charters such as education, engage in physical activities, health, protection and other rights.


Recent Achievements:

  •  Deliver and strength the education of 1226 child, by providing them with educational and supportive education opportunities.
  •  Enabling 487 children to attend kindergartens.
  •  Enabling 142 youth to pursue higher education.
  •  Empowering 95 youth and 43 mothers to obtain vocational training.
  •  66 youth received access to job training opportunities.
  •  66 mothers received opportunities for on-the-job trainings.
  •  11 female university graduates were able to obtain permanent jobs after graduation.
  •  The health status of 2,038 orphans improved significantly as a result of, health interventions including treatments, surgeries, and medical examinations.
  •  Enabled 117 individuals with disabilities to rely on themselves. 15 of them have improved fully, and are now not in need of any physio therapy, and/or speech therapy treatments.
  •  Improved the mental state of 400 mothers.
  •  Improved legal knowledge of 400 mothers.
  •  Establish 24 small projects.
  •  Provide shelter for 15 children in shelters, and provide them with necessities such as education, health, food, and clothing.



“I could not see what was on the board or even read my books at school. My results were very poor which made me feel hopeless. But now and after the surgeries and the treatments, I can see. I am excited about school and have no doubt that my performance will improve.” 
Tasneem, School Student, Gaza
“Mustaqbali’s different programs really helped me adapt to the university experience. I participated in multiple training courses that were very helpful. More importantly, I took Mustaqbali’s advice and joined the Community Initiatives Team at my university. The experience I gained from this was life-changing.”
Dina, University Student, Gaza
“After assisting me throughout my high school years, Mustaqbali is now helping me pursue my academic dreams. I look back and cannot be more proud of the progress I have made in the past year. I now speak English more confidently and have developed my computer skills; two things that make learning at an undergraduate level much easier. All training courses offered by Mustaqbali are extremely useful and I look forward to learning more from the program.”
Shatha, University Student, Gaza

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