Taawon launches its strategic plan for the years 2017–2019 & announces the winners of the 2016 Taawon Award


Taawon launches its strategic plan for the years 2017–2019 & announces the winners of the 2016 Taawon Award


Taawon Strategic Plan 2017–2019

Under the theme "Investment, Inspiration and Innovation. Our Way to Excellence," Taawon launched its strategic plan for the years 2017–2019 in Al-Bireh, and via video conferencing with Gaza and Beirut.

During the ceremony, Dr. Tafeeda Jarbawi, Taawon’s Director General, presented the highlights of the strategic plan. She explained; “we aim to implement income generating, developmental, and humanitarian programs that generate approximately 115 million dollars, and benefit close to one million individuals annually. We base our work on Palestinian national plans, a number of 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), principles of human rights, and environmental preservation.” She added, “Taawon strives for excellence by seeking to automate all processes and renew quality certification institution wide.”

Taawon reaches one million beneficiaries and 600 institutions, building 10 new partnerships and alliances every year. At the same time, Taawon supports quality performance by honoring Palestinian institutions and individuals through its annual awards.

The plan’s interventions are divided into seven main programs: education, culture, community development, youth empowerment and orphans' support, the Old City of Jerusalem Revitalization Program and the Palestinian Museum, with a budget of $141 million and a focus on supporting sustainable programs with economic, social and environmental impact.

The strategic plan was characterized by its integrated approach that is clear in the design and incubation of comprehensive programs such as Bridge Palestine, community investment in the tourism sector, and orphan support programs. The plan is characterized by its focus on building alliances, deepening strategic partnerships, leadership, developing sources of funding, and adopting a program-led management approach to deepen and expand impact.

Taawon 2016 Awards

Taawon, as early as 2003, and as an initiative by members of Taawon Board of Trustees, launched its yearly awards honoring creative and distinguished community organizations, schools, and entrepreneurs in Palestine. The awards encouraging positive competition among organizations and individuals aiming at fostering excellence and creativity in various fields. 

The 2016 awards ceremony was held concurrently in Ramallah, Gaza and Beirut. During the ceremony, five awards with a total of $250,000 were handed to the following winners:

Taawon Jerusalem Award 2016: The Late Ragheb Kaloti Award, “For Jerusalem …We Work” was given to The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center for their “Improving the Social and Economic Conditions of Jerusalemites” program.

Taawon Youth Award 2016: The Munir Kaloti Award for Palestinian Young Entrepreneurs, “For a Better Tomorrow … We Innovate” was awarded to the following five innovative initiatives:

1)     “Coal natural production from agricultural waste products” initiative – Mary Zayed, Gaza

2)     “Arz” initiative – Mahmoud Barham, Jenin

3)     “Kanaan” initiative – Masma Sallaq, Gaza

4)     “Palcase” initiative – Rami Issa and Ziad Habab, Nablus

5)     “Liz Custom Bows” initiative – Elizabeth Dabbah, Jerusalem

Taawon Education Award 2016: The Nabil Hani Qaddumi Award, “Schools of Excellence for a Better Future” was given equally to, and shared between, two schools:

1.      Anabta Girl's Secondary School, for the initiative “The Young Programmer”.

2.      Hebron Basic Boys’ School, for the initiative “Strengthening the role of the Student Parliament in reducing the rate of child labor in the School.”

Taawon Gaza Strip Award 2016: The Falak and Abdel-Kareem Kamel Shawwa Award for community-based organizations in the Gaza Strip was given to the Gaza Community Mental Health Program for their “Emergency response and crisis intervention in the Gaza Strip” program.

Taawon Achievement Award 2016: The Late Naim Abdul Hadi Culture Award, “We Will Get There Someday” was given to the Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts in Lebanon, for its “Spreading Culture and Building Capacity” program.

Taawon is a leading Palestinian non-profit organization, working in Palestine and in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. Taawon, in Arabic, means ‘working together to do good’, a philosophy which lies at the core of the organization’s mission and governs our everyday developmental operations. Since its establishment in 1983, Taawon invested in seven major programs: education, community development, youth and women empowerment, orphan support, culture, restoration of ancient cities, and its flagship project The Palestinian Museum.