Taawon expands its horizons for International Cooperation


Taawon expands its horizons for International Cooperation


Guided by its strategic plan, and its goal to diversify its funding sources to secure further funding for its program, Taawon has been increasing its outreach efforts by visiting a number of foreign representative offices in Palestine, as well as offices of international non-governmental organizations working in Palestine.  During these visits, an introduction of Taawon and its programs and activities in Palestine was conducted, to facilitate the discussion on potential cooperation in different sectors to best serve Palestine and Palestinians.

The Representation offices of Poland, India, South Africa, Mauritius, Indonesia, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Argentine, Mexico, Ecuador, Germany, Canada, EU, and Japan were visited recently. The representatives welcomed the opportunity to learn about Taawon, and to explore the potential of cooperation with the organization. Taawon has also visited the offices of a number of international NGOs to open venues of cooperation or reestablish cooperation channels with them; such as UNESCO, OCHA, World Bank, Organization of Islamic Cooperation and others.

Taawon has also intensified its communication with a number of International non-governmental organizations abroad, to discuss potential cooperation and is organizing a number of visits to their offices before the end of the year.

Taawon’s efforts in that regard have been successful in securing a number of new partnerships with new organizations and cooperation offices to support the organization’s activities in various programs.

Internally, Taawon has held a workshop for its staff to present the strategic fundraising plan for 2017-2019 for the purpose of enriching the plan and putting it in its final version, as well as to update the staff on the recent developments and activities undertaken by the Resource Development Department to secure funds for the various programs and diversify their sources.