In support of a culture of achievement and excellence, Taawon launches its 2017 awards worth US$370,000


In support of a culture of achievement and excellence, Taawon launches its 2017 awards worth US$370,000


By the beginning of July we had launched our seven annual awards for 2017, worth a total of US$370,000. Each award is for US$50,000, except for the Teacher Award, which is US$70,000. Every year, the Taawon Awards give the individuals and organizations who are contributing to Palestine’s sustainable development the recognition they deserve. This year two new awards were also launched: the Taawon distinguished Teacher Award and, in the Health Sector, the Taawon Health Services distinction Award.

Dr. Tafeeda Jarbawi, Taawon’s Director General, stressed that the Awards are an appreciation of the achievements of the Palestinian individuals and institutions that we cherish and whose achievements and successes we aim to highlight.  She added: “These achievements deserve our appreciation and respect. Despite all the obstacles that the Palestinian people face on the ground, they show what we are able to achieve, and they emphasize our dedication and strengthen our identity and desire to live. "

She added, “The awards were first launched in 2003, and since then about 30 awards, worth 1.5 million dollars, have been distributed, each with its own success story, and many of those who have received our awards have gone on to win other international awards and achieve more success."

Dr. Jarbawi added that the evaluation of applicants for the awards is made by specialized and independent judging committees, in order to ensure objectivity and transparency. She also thanked all the donors for their generous and continued support.

The Awards have evolved in value, number and performance. This is in line with Taawon’s strategic plan for the years 2017–2019, which adopts creativity, leadership, and excellence in performance, with a belief in the importance of appreciation and honoring the achievement and creativity of the Palestinian people and in creating a competitive spirit based on achievement and excellence.